Animals’ Voice is an Educational and Wildlife Rescue Trust based in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

The trust is overseen by a board of trustees whose aims are to teach respect and educate adults and children alike, and bring about change, helping to protect and prevent species loss. By caring for animals, insects, fauna, and flora, we will help benefit future generations.

Our members in over forty countries receive our quarterly United Against Cruelty To Animals (UACTA) magazine, which informs them of our progress. Our literature is produced by a small team of staff at Animals’ Voice, as is our magazine. Although a small publication, it enables us to keep in touch with members worldwide.

As well as our campaigns against animal cruelty, we have rescued sick and injured wildlife from around the New Forest Area. We are currently in the process of opening a new widllife rescue centre, so at present we can't take in injured wildlife. Over the years we have handled quite a variety, all of which when fully recovered from their injuries are released back into the wild where they belong.

We also give educational talks to school groups, Brownies, WI meetings, etc., and in the past, we have also taken along some of the animals we have rescued.

We attend various shows and bazaars to raise funds for our work and hold jumble and book sales. However, our primary support is from people who become members’ of Animals’ Voice. Through this generosity, we can help our animal friends.

We presently are unable to take in injured wildlife as we are working on opening our new wildlife rescue centre.